Autumn / Winter 2020

The world of the weird and wonderful is found in contemporary womenswear designer Adelina Rusu’s Autumn Winter 2020 collection, Random.

Revelling in the majesty of time and place, Random is a collection of memories and moments, the artwork of 18th-century French artists and the eclecticism of individual style.

Provocative and romantic, Random draws from the painting Mars and Venus surprised by Vulcan by Francois Boucher. Random is a masterpiece of juxtaposition, a narrative of conflict which celebrates in the dynamics of compromise. It is a representation of life, truth and beauty in all of its forms.

Channelling these struggles of desire over duty and comfort over excitement, Random is a celebration of the internal human narrative, exemplified through adventurous styling, innovative fabrications and textural abundance.

Hats by Victoria Grant @victoriagrant

Photo credit: Caroline Towning @carolinetowningart

Spring / Summer 2020

Autumn / Winter 2019



The sounds of sea become the rock
The rock becomes the castle
The castle becomes the sand
The sand becomes the wind
The wind becomes the thought
The thought becomes the word
The word is life


Spring/Summer 2019

Photographer: Giada Frassetto
Starring: Silje Mari
Styling: Barbara Klekowska
HMUA: Lizz Payne


‘The little girl in a blue armchair’, an oil canvas from 1878 by Mary Cassatt is the inspiration of Nonchalance, the Fall/Winter 2018 collection – a collection inspired by the nonchalance and the cool indifference of a little girl. The girl becomes the 2018 smart and authentic woman who dresses to please herself -effortlessly chic and infinitely real.


Fall/Winter 2018 Campaign, Creative Director & Photographer: Tibi Clenci

Mary Cassatt - National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C., online collection


Star-of-the-Veldt, the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection is inspired by the African Daisy, a flower that reflects the beauty and the burning colour of the sun. To achieve the ultimate state of comfort, the entire collection is made from 100% natural fabrics – linen and silk, all made in Italy. The collection is all about clean cuts, vibrant colour accents and African Daisies motifs.
Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign, Creative Director & Photographer: Tibi Clenci

Flower ©

The little girl in Édouard Manet’s painting is the muse of the Fall/Winter 2017 collection entitled The Traveler. It is a collection inspired by the vitality, freshness and impatience of a little girl. The girl becomes the Fall/Winter 2017 smart and authentic woman who never lost the innocence of her heart.

Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign, Creative Director & Photographer: Tibi Clenci

Édouard Manet - kAHNAxL76AyLUA at Google Cultural Institute