Two-Sided Daisy & Black Silk Face Mask




Reusable non-medical face mask made of two layers of silk.
You can use the mask on either sides after disinfection!
Breathable, super light weight.
Ideal for cycling, camping, hiking, crafting, gardening, travel, shopping, outdoors.
Protect your skin, mouth and nose from dust, dry or polluted air.
A must-have item for people with sensitive skin.

Recommendations for use: The mask is fixed and removed using only the two cords provided on the sides, avoiding touching the mask or face with your hands.

VERY IMPORTANT: The mask has no medical purpose and is not equipped with a system that destroys viruses. The masks are not sterile. It is recommended to wash them before use.

The mask has the role of protecting your airways, reducing the risk of coming into contact with invisible fine particles and acts as a physical barrier.

The mask can protect you, but also those around you, by blocking the transmission of drops or splashes to other people or surfaces.

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Two-Sided Daisy & Black Silk Face Mask